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OJAS is a Psychiatry Institute-cum-Counselling Center, providing a holistic Psychiatric and Psychological care for the people suffering with Mental disorders. We deal with patients suffering from Psychiatric illness, Drug addiction problems, Sexual disorders, Epilepsy, Dementia and childhood behavioral problems... Read More

Dr. Devasheesh Rattan Sharma is working as a Consultant psychiatrist at Ojas Neuropsychiatry Center based at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. He did his DNB Psychiatry from Dr. Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health, Amritsar. After that he worked as Senior Resident at Kalpana Chawala Government Medical College, Karnal. His area of interest include Addiction psychiatry, Sexology, Stress and Anger management, General psychiatry and Epilepsy. .. Read More

Dr. Devasheesh, Director of OJAS Neuropsychiatry Center

OJAS Neuropsychiatry Center

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We have been running the clinic with the vision to decrease the stigma related to psychiatric illness.
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OJAS is a Psychiatry Institute-cum-Counselling Center, providing a holistic Psychiatric and Psychological care for the people suffering with Mental disorders

Who treats psychological problems? And what is the difference between psychologiast and psychiatrist?

Psychological problems are treated by different mental health professionals. Psychiatrist, psychologists, psychiatric social workers and counselors.
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has done MBBS and then post-graduation training in the field of Psychiatry. Psychiatrists assess both mental and physical aspects of psychological disturbances. They treat patients with both medications and psychotherapy (talk therapy).

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Consulting a psychiatrist means that I must be MENTAL?

Psychiatrist treats many different kind of psychological problems like anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, phobias, panic disorders, anger outbursts, drug dependence, epilepsy, academic issues and various other issues. This common misconception about being mad is mainly due to depiction of psychiatry patients in movies and media. That constitutes only a minority of patients seen by psychiatrist.

Will other specialty doctors treat psychiatry problems?

Due to deficiency of mental health professionals in India, doctors from other specialty also try to treat psychiatry patients as they have got 1-2 months of training in psychiatry during the period of their graduation or post-graduation. But for expert opinions you should consult a psychiatrist only.
If you have a problem with your electrical issues you do not consult a plumber.

All medications given by psychiatrists are addictive ?

Psychiatrist prescribes a wide range of medications. Only few category of medication are addictive and they are stopped after 4-6 weeks of initiation of treatment. They are mainly started for sleep and restlessness. Doctors of other specialty also use these type of drugs for various conditions and psychological problems you might just not be aware of it. You can ask your doctor if the medications you are receiving can cause dependence or not.

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